Highlights Of Low Impact Fitness Workout

Highlights Of Low Impact Fitness Workout

If you want to lose weight then you probably associate weight loss with heavy impact exercise fitness workout. The type of exercise routines where you are on a tight schedule the entire time and finish dripping in sweat and exhausted.

While these types of exercise programs will offer you results not everybody can workout this way. If you need a low impact fitness workout but still want to lose weight then all is not lost. You can still get into shape with a low impact fitness workout.

Walking is a great low impact exercise to fit into your fitness workout. Many individuals mistake walking as an exercise that won’t give you good weight control results. This only happens when you don’t know how to walk properly.

The way to improve your fitness workout when you want to lose weight is to add intensity. This means that you can’t be walking on flat surfaces the whole time. Walking uphill is a neat method to add strength, if you are on a treadmill then increase the incline.

Increasing your speed for short periods of time during your walk is also another way to increase the intensity of your fitness workout. This technique is known as interval training and will help to increase your heart rate, essential when you want to lose weight.

Stairs are another great addition to any low impact fitness workout. A great way to incorporate stair walking into your workout is to do a little bit of resistant training in between stair walking. This could mean 30 seconds of going up and down stairs followed by seven repetitions of bicep curls.

Concerning your arms when you’re walking is also an alternate way to add power to your fitness workout. If you are on the treadmill then don’t hold onto the rails. You burn less calories when you hang onto the handrail. If you are walking outside then swing your arms.

Cardiovascular activity is important if you need to lose weight. If you adore doing class activities or like the concept of choreographed work-outs then a good fitness workout would be to join a step aerobic class. The action of frequently stepping up on a platform in the workout will provide help to get your pulse up and help you to burn off more calories.

There are other low impact exercises that you can include in your fitness workout such as cycling, swimming, rowing, or cross country skiing are all good exercises that are low impact. You can easily use a rowing machine or a skiing machine at the gym to mix up your fitness workout.

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