One of the most effective diets

One of the most effective diets

20 years ago, dietetics preached avoiding fat. 10 years ago, carbohydrates were declared the main enemies. In both cases, it was assumed that the amount of calories and nutrients the body receives from protein foods. Both methods are effective and are still applied. Nevertheless, more recently, fats have been rehabilitated as part of a new diet.

This method of eating requires the elimination of most of the carbohydrates (including fruits and vegetables) from the diet and a concentration on fatty and, to a lesser extent, protein foods. The number of calories consumed daily is no more than in other diets. The trick is that with a keto diet, satiety lasts longer, appetite is reduced and hunger lasts for a long time. Recommended for a ketogenic diet: fatty meats and fish, lard, eggs, nuts, animals and coconut with olive oil. There are studies showing that it also prolongs life and even inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

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