Balance Diet = Long live health and beauty

Balance Diet = Long live health and beauty

The irregularity and deficiency in diet directly connects and affects your beauty and health. So, now-a-days the popularity of diet therapy is increasing t bring upon beauty in you. Balanced diet is the only basis of a prosperous life. According recent researches those who eat fruits, green vegetables in good amount stay healthy and are protected from various diseases on around 70%. The diet specialists ask us to stay away from junk food. You must have heard that whatever we eat affects our future and health. Today because of being busy people are attracted towards burger, pizzas, and what not. But if want to stay fit and healthy then say tata or bye to all these items. There are three important work of food stuffs:

• Physical development and betterment.

• Provide physical and mental power.

• Fight against diseases and make skin beautiful.
There are various vitamins which directly affect our health and beauty:

Vitamin A: This makes our skin lively and happy. It helps nails, hairs and bones get stronger. It enhances the eye sight. This vitamin can be found easily in milk, butter, cream, cheese, eggs, fish, chicken and oranges etc.

Vitamin B: Through this vitamin our skin remains healthy. The cuts around lips are healed due to this vitamin. It does away with pimples. It affects the health of hairs positively. It prevents hair loss. Eyes also remain healthy. The digestion system works properly. This vitamin can be found easily in green leafy vegetables, floor, rice, eggs, banana, etc.

Vitamin C: In deficiency of this vitamin there are visible wrinkles on ones face. Hair loss starts or begins, and also sun rays become more harmful as ever. The intake of this vitamin keeps gums healthy. Generally it is found in lemon like items like lemon, oranges, etc. Along with this papaya, apples, tomato, pineapple, grapes etc are also good sources for vitamin C.

Vitamin D: Although vitamin D can be obtained automatically from sun rays but on the other hand it is harmful to be under sun for a long time. So in order to get it ion required quantity you can intake milk, curd, peas, eggs etc. In the lack of this vitamin the face starts to look aged before age, bones become weak, sleeplessness occurs.

Vitamin E: According to skin specialists along with the passage of time we need more of this vitamin. This vitamin is helpful in maintaining the glow and innocence of your skin. In the absence of this vitamin the skin becomes dark, wrinkled and spotted. So always include vegetable oils, nuts, grains, dry fruits, almonds, coconut water etc in your diet.

Folic acid: This is essential for making of blood in our body. Green leafy vegetables are an important source of this folic acid.

Useful notes: • In spinach calcium, zinc, iron is found in good quantity. Growing age, breast feeding, and pregnant ladies are the biggest beneficiaries form this. It increases blood and provides physical strength. • Do not forget to include spinach, cabbage leaves, etc. in your diet and eat these as salads. • Always eat apples in your fruit chart on a daily basis. It helps strengthen your gumsand teeth.

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