Tips To Ensure That Your Treadmill Runs For Long

Tips To Ensure That Your Treadmill Runs For Long

Many people of US regularly find that when they buy a treadmill, it frequently doesn’t perform in the manner as mentioned by the company. So, the first thing they do is to call the customer care and whinge to the makers about the not so perfect working condition of the treadmill. Many a times, people face very basic and trivial problems in their treadmill. Such scenarios typically arise out of sheer carelessness or negligence. A little common sense and know how would go a ways in preventing such problems from occurring at the first place. Just follow some straightforward steps and see your treadmill running effectively for as you want.

First of all, you should generally use your treadmill on a levelled surface. A particularly commonly seen problem that people face is that either their treadmill shakes a lot or it makes strange noises like something is being banged on the floor. This is most commonly because the treadmill is placed on a rough surface. As a result, the machine shakes and makes noise. Try moving your treadmill to a level surface and you will see better results.

Keep your treadmill on a steady and smooth surface and you are certain to see the difference. Keeping the treadmill clean is another thing that you must do if you want it to last longer. You have to clean your treadmill once or more in each month. And if that is not possible make it a point to clean it at least once in two months. Switch off the treadmill and ensure that you take out the plug too before you start with the cleaning process. Uncover the motor after you have unplugged the treadmill. Employ a vacuum cleaner to clean the motor in the best possible manner. For the belt, a long piece of cloth would work best. You should not use a wet cloth to scrub your treadmill anyway. Even the slightest exposure to moisture can cause rusting. Also, lubricate various parts of the treadmill as per the instructions. Ensure that you are em-ploying a top quality lubricator.

The belt of treadmill must be in correct alignment for it to have a good shelf life. You can check for your belt’s alignment using the in built belt tracking system. You will also find an Allen Wrench in the tread-mill that will help with the alignment of the belt. If you don’t use your treadmill quite often, then there are more possibilities of the belt being misaligned. Thus, it becomes obligatory that you check the alignment of the belt after every few months. Also check the belt alignment before using it.

Finally, always make sure that the friction between the tread belt and the deck of the treadmill is at the lowest level. This is necessary to guarantee the longest life of treadmill generally, its belt, deck and above all its motor. Remember that the degree of friction in these parts, the more stress it will cause on each of these parts for the treadmill to operate. You must keep these particular parts of your treadmill well lubricated to keep the machine running for long.

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